The introduction of new technologies and the relentless growth of government regulation has caused a serious dilemma for commercial property owners. In order to keep tenants happy and to stay competitive, property owners have to continue to invest capital in keeping their buildings up to date and outfitted with the latest technology offerings. And it’s getting worse, not better. Over the next several years, numerous new technologies including 5G cellular data communications, Internet of Things (IoT), and consumer privacy laws will place ever increasing burdens on commercial property owners to keep their buildings competitive and up to date with these new technologies. Now more than ever, commercial property owners need new ways to operate under these disruptive technologies and regulations.


Horizon Communications has developed a new, unique, and cost-effective solution to help commercial property owners turn these disruptions into competitive advantages for their buildings. Based on its market leading experience in managing some of the most complex network environments in commercial real estate, Horizon Communications has developed REIMS = THE REAL ESTATE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The REIMS platform provides a set of edge, mobile, and cloud based applications that let property managers offer tenants new building services that become critical in the new world of CRE-TECH.