Horizon turns your WiFi network into a way to generate revenue, enhance the fan experience and gain valuable audience insights.

Free to Fans

Fans get free WiFi access in exchange for viewing advertiser-supported content, along with the convenience of logging in via Facebook or Twitter.


Stadium sponsors get new ways to reach fans, including videos, display ads and app downloads – delivered either at log in or while people are browsing the web.



Ad Featuring

Expandable units can feature ads as well as partner promotions, allowing advertisers to better engage with fans.

In-Session Videos

In-session interstitial videos and display units allow advertisers to reach fans with dynamic overlays during events.

Drive Concession Sales

You can also use the channel to drive concession sales, deliver special promotions, offer seat upgrades and more.

Horizon typically reaches approximately 25% of the stadium audience connected to WiFi, which is 50% higher than other mobile advertising options.

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Targeting Options

Advertisers get the choice of broad or specific targeting, focusing on demographics, behavior, location and device type.

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In Game Fun

Teams can make the game more fun for fans by providing in-stadium engagement, like videos, contests and trivia. Fans can also get help locating their seats, ordering concessions and event info.



Delivers Valuable Data

Horizon delivers valuable data about your audience. You’ll know what types of messages are most compelling to fans and be able to tailor messages to boost effectiveness.

ROI Numbers Show Real Value

You can provide true ROI numbers by connecting the dots between fan in-game activity and post-game purchases – allowing you and your advertisers to see the real value of the system.